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When it comes to selecting a career, we should opt with great precaution. A career should not only provide you with a handsome salary and growth opportunities, but it also should be something you love doing. Balancing between these can be a trouble. The best way to figure out a career for yourself if you are unsure about career choices is to select in-demand careers. High demand careers are not only high-paying careers, but they are also future-oriented. If you are such an individual who is struggling to pick a career for yourself, National Education Consultancy is here to help you out. We are a team of expert career consultants and coaches with credible experience in different industries, offering practical, research-driven career solutions. 

Secure Your Future with High-Demand Career Options.

If you are searching for high-demand careers, you want to select something that resonates with you and your interests. These are some of the high-demand careers in the year 2023:

If you are unsure about your career selection, feel free to get in touch with National Education Consultancy. Our career coaching service helps you make informed decisions based on research, experience, and market data.

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National Education Consultancy's Flagship Programs

Addictions & Community Service Worker

56 Weeks

Students will explore topics such as psychology, mental health, domestic abuse and violence, child and youth, alcohol and drug addiction.

  • Growing in-demand career due to the increased in the community. 
  • Graduates can expect increasing employment opportunities available in; Community and Family Support, Correctional Facilities, Substance Treatment Centers and more.
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Dental Assisting

45 Weeks

This program provides students with education and hands-on-training to write the National Dental Assisting Examining Board (NDAEB) exam leading to become a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA).

  • One of the most high in-demand jobs in Canada. Graduates can expect increasing employment opportunities available in private clinics, hospitals, public health services and even dental sales companies.
  • Graduate in less than 1 year.
  • Average wage $29.84*

Early Learning Childcare Diploma - Level 2/3

77 Weeks

The commitment from the federal government to provide new funding opportunities to encourage more affordable childcare has increased demand for Early Learning Educators.

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  • New pathways are available for ECEs to level up and incentives are increased to attract more workers through bursaries or other mechanisms. 
  • $1,500 – Bursary available annually for post-secondary training. 
  • Alberta Child Care Grant Funding Guide

Health Care Aide

33 Weeks

Uncertified: $20.78/hour
Certified:     $21.86 – $26.03/hour

Government Bursaries Available

  • $3,000 – Completing course 1 to 5 of the Health Care Aide Bursary program.
  • $6,000 – Completing the licensed HCA course, including the provincial final exam, and 
  • Signing of an ‘Return to Service Agreement’ with NorQuest College. 
  • $1,000 – additional National Education Consultancy partner institution completion award.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

47 Weeks

Median Wage $44/hour

  • Alberta’s demand for logistics professionals is growing in a rapid pace as it builds it’s cargo capacity and is also utilizing robotics and AI technology.
  • Alberta is one of Canada’s main distribution center.
  • Alberta Government’s Key Sectors For Investment


49 Weeks

  • This program is suitable for those looking for a 9 to 5 schedule. Paralegals are highly sought after professionals that are organized and detail oriented. 
  • Graduates of the Paralegal program have been able to attain employment working with Braithwaite Boyle, Court, and justice Department.


  • New advancement in financial transactions related to blockchain technology.
  • Introduction of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are paving the way for in-demand careers in the technology sector. 
  • Alberta’s is the perfect region to be a worldwide technology hub. 
  • Don’t miss out on the tech boom.
  • Alberta Government’s Investment In Technology Industry

Travel & Tourism

43 Weeks

A program receives stars based on the number of inclusions it offers, such as the number of hours related to travel service or practicum placement.

  • One of the largest industries in the world, employing 10% of the world population. 
  • Many airlines and travel agencies are struggling to fill positions due to a growing demand for travel.
  • Canada is a destination spot for tourism for all of the 4 seasons in the year.
  • Destination Canada Tourism Outlook

Additional Options

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- Business Administration Management
- Social media/Digital Marketing
- Logistics & Supply Chain Management
- Hospitality Management
- Oil & Gas Administration
- Accounting & Payroll
- Human Resources

Graphic Arts & Design

- Fashion Marketing/Merchandising
- 3D Modeling Animation
- Graphic Design
- Interior Design
- Architecture Design
- Game Development


- Cybersecurity Specialist
- Software Development
- Networks Systems Administrator
- Network Systems Management
- Computer Support Technician
- Web/Mobile Application Development
- Help Desk Analyst
- UX/UI Design

Health Care

- Dental Administration
- Dental Assisting
- Medical Office Administration
- Pharmacy Assistant
- Massage Therapy
- Veterinary Health Administration
- Child & Youth Services
- Health Care Aide

Legal Studies

- Immigration Assistant
- Legal Administration
- Legal Assistant
- Law Enforcement Foundations
- Paralegal

Early Childhood Education

- Early Learning Child Care Certificate (level 2)
- Early Learning Child Care Diploma (Level 3)
- Education Assistant