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Kickstart Your Career in Business with National Education Consultancy!

Does Business interest you? Do you dread the regular 9 to 5 schedule and wish to start your own business? Or perhaps you are looking to kickstart a thriving career in a corporate giant? Business programs are a great way to step into the industry and have the financial freedom. Businesses are everywhere, and having solid business credentials will open you to endless work opportunities. As a field or domain, business consists of numerous factions that fit individual interests and preferences. Maybe you are good with numbers and would love to have a career in accounts and finance, or maybe you are a creative individual who would love to work on marketing campaign.

National Education Consultancy understands the growing interest in business and is here to offer you numerous business diploma programs. Our business programs are developed carefully by business experts to satisfy individual needs and align with the digital age of technology. The reason for an updated curriculum is to address the changing times and integrate modern approaches that are applicable to our times. Feel free to browse our business programs and if you are unsure of what direction to take our education consultants are always available for a free consultation to guide you in your journey and help you make a well-informed decision.

Top In-Demand Administrative Careers of 2023

The pandemic has caused a rapid increase in the volume of administrative support staff working remotely therefore causing many companies to turn to independent contract work. By 2025 about 30% of the workforce is expected to be filled by Generation Z workers. Introducing a greater number of younger workers is putting an increasing pressure and need for a more work and life balance.

The fast growing change in technology is also changing the roles and responsibilities of admin workers. In addition to the general day to tasks of support work like answering calls and printing typed material, professionals must have training in computer software and technology, accounting, and digital marketing. Instead of training staff, candidates that already possess these skills are in high demand in today’s job market.

You’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to plan, analyze, and execute online marketing campaigns as part of an advanced, business-based digital marketing strategy.

Computer and office administration skills and training in accounting, bookkeeping, taxation and payroll.

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Human resources topics include employment law, organizational behavior, training, compensation, and more. Hands-on training in Sage 50 software.

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No industry is left out without the need for Human Resources professions. Begin a career as a Human Resources Assistant or Officer, and also you would qualify to work in General Office Administration.

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NEC’s flagship program. One of the largest sectors in Canada, with close to a one million people employed in related occupations. Thousands of new job openings are expect every year.

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The traditional TV, radio, newspaper and print ads are phasing out and being replaced with online marketing. Master the art of social media and online marketing.

Become prepared to enter the fast-paced oil and gas sector in various administrative roles.

Get certified in American Hotel And Lodging Association’s (AHLA): Front Office Management, Hospitality Supervision, Food & Beverage Services, Housekeeping Management and Hospitality Sales And Marketing.

NEC’s Flagship Program. Huge demand in travel has caused exhaustion in this sector, and there are shortages of skilled workers. This industry generates 10% of total workers across the globe.

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