Student Financial Aid

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Education is a big investment and requires proper student financial aid planning. Every student’s financial needs are different, and we can help shed some light in regards to what you will qualify for based on the program you choose. Every program differs in the funding amounts students can qualify for.

Federal & Provincial Government Student Financial Aid

Each loan application has two parts, federal and provincial portion. Federal government’s funding amounts would in most cases be the same in all provinces but the provincial portion amounts differ. You would be surprised to know how much you could be eligible for. Get in touch with us and we will help you to see what loan and grant options are available for the province that you reside in.

RBC Student Royal Credit Line

The Royal Credit Line for Students is different from government funding. You can borrow money in the amounts that you need as you progress through your studies. You only have to pay interest on the amounts that you use and you can return the amounts you don’t need.